About Families on the Outside

Families on the Outside is a non-profit organization that provides support groups, events for families, and seminars for adults who are impacted by incarceration within the family, to come along side of families so that no family member ever has to go through the trauma of losing a family member to prison alone. We strive to help build healthy families that are stable.


Our Mission

Our mission is to work toward significantly reducing the statistic that 70% of the children in families where a parent is incarcerated will follow in the same footsteps as their parent, leading to incarceration themselves - by building healthier and stronger families.


Making a Difference

Families on the Outside has been ministering to families of the incarcerated since 2004. During this time we have seen many individuals and families heal, become stronger and healthier.


Get Started!

Right now is the time to get started, with incarceration rates going up and more families being left behind. We are watching the family unit and children being impacted in such a negative way that we are seeing yet another generation of incarcerated adults.


If we do not act now, then who will? We ask that you stand in the gap with us to partner with the hidden broken families of our community, and reach out to build stronger, healthier families, and break the cycle of incarceration.


Sid and Sheri Carter

Why We Do It

Founder and President Sid Carter:

I have a common history in that I was raised in a healthy family and worked in a family business for most of my life. Then after the death of my father and father-in-law within 30 days of each other, plus going through a divorce and raising two children by myself, my life began to unravel and I began to get involved in drugs and the life style associated with it. I ended up going to prison for five years for my involvement in the drug culture. In the process of losing everything, I lost what meant most to me: my children. The struggles that my children faced from having an absent father was something that they should never have had to experience, but instead they were put into a life of having to lie about where their father truly was.


While in prison I began to see the impact of incarceration on not only the inmates, but more importantly on the family unit as a whole. Being involved in the ministry over the years I have found that the family that is left behind is far more impacted and does harder time than the person who goes to prison. After my release in April of 2003, I began working with my own family to rebuild the damage that I had done by being incarcerated. In 2004 my wife and I began working with families that are being impacted by incarceration by leading Angel Tree at a local church and watching the ministry grow to what it is today.


My hope is that we can build healthy families and help raise healthy children so that the next generation of children that have a parent in prison can break the cycle of incarceration and be all that they have been called to be.


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