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I was blessed with amazing women who love God and was so thankful He put those women around me to help heal me, console me, lift me up, help strengthen me and love me for who I am, a true child of God. I will never, ever forget this experience and already can’t wait until next year.

— Women’s Retreat attendee

Preparing for Release

This is a four-session program written specifically to address the concerns of both the prisoner and the support person in his/her life outside the correctional facility. Through a series of guided discussions, both expectations and fears are addressed in the relative “safety” of the classroom.


Although lengthy and repeated separations can be hard on families, they can also bring them closer together. Release is an opportunity for family members to celebrate positive changes, share new experiences and ideas, and to appreciate each other even more than when they were together previously.


At the end of Session Four, each participating family will have developed a “Family Re-entry Agreement”. This will serve as a contract identifying and prioritizing the entire family’s needs so that they can be addressed when the prisoner arrives home.

Women’s Retreat

This event focuses on giving women an opportunity to relax and connect with other women experiencing the same struggles and hardships involved with family and incarceration. Women who find themselves with a family member incarcerated are fulfilling two roles in the family structure. Rest and relationships are so important in renewing and supporting these women so they can continue to do the best for their families in their situation. Families on the Outside takes these women away from the daily responsibilities of life into an atmosphere where they can relax and refocus in a God centered environment of acceptance and love. There are also workshops during the retreat to educate and provide positive life application in the different areas of faith, family and friends.


Our first women’s retreat was a huge success. The women came with struggles, frustrations and despair but left with uplifted spirits, relaxed emotions and answers to apply to challenges that they were facing. They were given the strength and refilling they needed to cope with the daily responsibilities of family and life. In addition to the encouragement and support they received they were able to deepen their current relationships with women within the group and make new friends that fully understand the impact of incarceration. Positive relationships and connections help to strengthen and enable the women to cope and succeed.

For more information about "Preparing for Release" please visit www.preparingforrelease.com