Families on the Outside holds special seminars for adults and children throughout the year, to help family members gain essential life skills to successfully deal with the impact of imprisonment on your family.


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Traversing the Court System


Traversing the Court System is designed to help answer questions you may have regarding the criminal court process. The criminal justice system is complex and difficult to understand. This seminar is designed to help families better understand how the process works, and what to expect.


This seminar is taught by a criminal court attorney from Vancouver, Washington. The seminar provides general information about arrest, first appearance, intake, arraignment, bond hearing, case management, depositions, pleas negotiation, trial, pre-sentence investigation, and sentencing.


Department of Corrections:

Understanding a New Life


Understanding a New Life is designed to answer questions you may have about inmate incarceration in the prison system. It is presented by a spokesperson with the department of corrections. This seminar was developed to give people accurate information so they are better informed and able to handle new experiences, and make healthy choices.


This is a general information seminar and it may not answer all of your questions, but will help you to understand the department of corrections as a whole, what inmates may face in the institutions, transition out of prison, work release, and community custody.


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