Family health.

A healthy family is the solution to the trauma and hardship of incarceration.


A well-adjusted family is essential to a child’s upbringing. It is the one safe and nurturing environment in which everyone is cared for, where children are taught positive values while being encouraged and supported by parents and each other. In a healthy family, everyone finds love, and children grow into strong, balanced and productive adults. A constructive and affirming family structure is vital to the success of every community.


There is hope.

There really is life after incarceration! During the difficulties of struggling to keep the family together while dealing with the obstacles of having a family member gone, there is help. You are never alone, and there are people who will walk with you through this time in your life by not judging or condemning you. We will partner with you and help you and your family be successful.


Family events

Family events provide an opportunity to break away from some of the daily challenges, and come together in a supportive social environment allowing families an occasion to connect with other families who are experiencing the same struggles. There is an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance to strengthen and empower family members. Families that have gone through the cycle of incarceration have the potential to come out stronger and healthier than when it all started.


Support groups

Support groups provide assistance and connection for individuals and families to make the transition from brokenness to health. It is important for family members to become part of support groups that focus on the health of family members who have been impacted by imprisonment. This helps children to understand the process of how incarceration has affected them and their families, and teaches how to be open and honest about the feelings that have developed and can seem so overwhelming.



Families on the Outside provides seminars all throughout the year. Some of the seminars promote healthy parenting, balanced relational boundaries, and encourage financial responsibilities. The purpose of these seminars is to build strong and victorious families.


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